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Nexus is a gaming community that is primarily focussed on EVE online under the
United Nexus Corporation and Incorporation


Our community has existed for over 4 years, learning, winning, losing but PvP is a key part of our culture and a great source of fun as well as many laughs from time to time to time.

Dank PvE

One of the things that sets us apart from the majority of corporations is while people can make their own endeavours in the isk printing game, we offer high reward PvE operations on a regular basis

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We are a friendly group and there always people happy to talk to you and often help out even if you are not part of our organisation. Become a member of Nexus and hang out for a laugh!

Other Games

Eve can make even the best of folk want to set their computer on fire sometimes, we play other games with people regardless if they play eve with us or at all, we even have a "no eve talk" channel!

Why join us?

Do you find in eve, as most of us do, that it is hard to find a group of people to settle down with that have what you need? Or more importantly, not have things you don't need like drama, no chill, no fun? Maybe you've been looking in the wrong places!

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Stories from members

Some of our members decided to share a story about eve or our community, click each one to read it.

Raze Musana

Explorer, Relic/Data Analyst / UntNI member / Joined 31/08/2019

When I started with UNTNI, I was an Alpha pilot who made most of my isk through Project Discovery and hacking, I had fleshed out most of the alpha skills available to me, but no matter what I did, I always felt under-geared - which only compounded with my abject loneliness in an inactive and low-skill corp.

Sure, my last corp taught me to use Siggy, and showed me the ropes of WH space - but then I got invited to UNTNI... within a day, I was flying combat missions in a C5 with a Punisher, within a week I could afford PLEX and had worked my way up to a T3 Tactical Destroyer. Now, at almost 2 months in, I'm gearing up for a T2 fitted Precursor Battleship to invade our static connections...

If you asked me before I met these guys if I'd ever see a Billion ISK, I'd have laughed in your face. Soon, I'll be flying a Bil into combat, and before long I'll easily be able to afford the 2B pilot's extension each month. Without the guidance and support of UNTNI, I don't know if I would have ever gotten here!

The Love Doctor

Carebear snowflake / UntNC member / Joined 06/09/2017

I am the Love Doctor, otherwise known as "coffee", I spend the majority of my time endeavouring to serve the every will of my master Nyx, he is a god to me, I wish I could be just like him, I long to suckle on the great teat of knowledge an wisdom of the great Nyx.

Unfortunately, I spend the majority of my time breaking our IT / ESI services.

Asuka Caldana

Opportunistic Home Office Ninja / UntNI Member / Joined 30/08/2019

I remember the first time I noticed UNTNC, we were both a part of Fraternity in Winter Coalition. Nyx was FC'ing a coalition fleet and we had a pretty long travel. The fleet ended without us seeing any action so it was time to go home. Nyx then asked us to just blow him up because he didn't want to fly home again and challenged Logi to keep him alive as long as possible.

It's things like this that always made me smile when flying with him. That and him really being a capable player, FC and leader.

When the 2019 Blackout hit EVE and took its PVE toll, especially on nullsec, he invited me and my Corp members to join him in a Wormhole project on the side to help with income. I checked it out and the more time I spent with the UNTNC and UNTNI members the more it felt like home. At some point I started playing other games with them as well and found yet another very enjoyable experience for myself.

I feel like everybody in this community is a very decent human being and my gaming experience has become richer from being a part of it.

Thanks for all the fun hours! o7

That Guy not from Danemark

A history from the founder of Nexus

Centre of the Nexus / CEO&Founder / Created UntNC 24/08/2016

When I first came to eve, it was many years ago back in 2009, I played around a bit and got bored quickly, never really engaging in the game. I stopped playing a few months after that and didn't return until 2016.

I returned in 2016 when a real life friend of mine convinced me to come and play again, they lived in nullsec and were a well established, I realized after a while this was a bit much for me so while I tried to learn with them I started up a second character on the side and decided to throw myself into the corp business in Highsec.

Here was born UntNC, by a person that barely knew the basics of the game. I learned more about EVE by the people that had joined me on the adventure asking me questions and having to find out for myself what the answer was if I didn't know it so I could teach them. And this is how the story started and how I learned a lot of what I know today.

We started off in Highsec in the system of Luminaire, mining veldspar and making terrible fits for ships, afterwards we decided to move down to a lower (not low) security space, we found ourselves moving to Myyherra (0.5) in the bleak lands along with some friends we had met along the way. We lived in harmony, they would suicide gank and kill miners in the area except for us and tell them to join us if they didn't want that to happen (yes by this point we had already embraced the full spirit of eve) and we would build and sell ships to them.

After a while, my real life friend offered us to join them with our corporation out with them in nullsec, we did and moved into Slyce space with them and we joined Slyce pirates as we were too noob for the main alliance, we would PvP with them and fly with them unlike the other renters and to be honest we were terrible at krabbing as we always preferred pvp, we were probably the worst renters in history of eve.

After a while of flying around with the Slyce peoples, we decided it was time for a change and moved up to Branch to join the 2gthr folks in their merry adventure, we spent some time flying with them and gotg, making many friends along the way but sadly they moved away to DRF space and this was not something we wanted to do so with the help of 2gthr leadership putting us in touch, we moved over to KOS and remained with gotg fighting against goons with the current war in the north. As the war was coming to a close and KOS had gone a bit quiet being on the front lines, and old friend suggested we come and see about joining the alliance they were in, in the south (Fraternity), A primarily Chinese speaking alliance but with a English contingent as well as a couple of alliances in the coalition that were Eutz/Ustz.

We decided to make the long move with all of out subcaps packed into our supers, titans and other capitals down to the south and we arrived in QRF-J and got settled. We soon integrated well with FRT and lead to some of our members becoming key components of the English side of the coalition, primarily on the the FCing side of things and we also helped establish along with some friends from another corp a major industry infrastructure. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the time we were there but as the war started coming to a close and many of the English corps were leaving for their own reasons, we also saw that FRT was no longer the place for us and we left on good terms bidding them the best of luck.

At the point where we were deciding to leave, we didn't really know what we wanted to do because we were a little bored of nullsec, especially with the changes CCP had brought in, mostly because a lot of our content had docked and all that remained was blob warfare. We had previously/recently evicted some of our war enemies alliance out of a wormhole of theirs we had found during the war, we decided to move into the wormhole ourselves and operate from there. Before being there, we were skeptical about wormhole space but now we enjoy it thoroughly, good money, very rare to get hugely blobbed, the wh community is much nicer and happy to work together and chat than I found nullsec to be, all in all we are glad to be here and to have GFs and take a more relaxed and without all the drama we had to witness of nullsec empires, most importantly no blueball sitting on structures for hours bloc warfare!

I play eve because of the people that I play with, I would not play eve at all if it was not for my corporation, we work together as a tight knit group to get things done and have fun. I still see and hang out with even in real life some of the people from past alliances and entities and play with them sometimes and they often join us to play other games too. This is the point of Nexus, it's a community, not just a corporation.

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