Summary of this page:

This page contains all the relevant information that you should need to know in order to engage in these activities with us as well as why you should. 

Some of it is more for information on the activities and may not pertain to you, the key parts are the Rules and Restrictions (and then anything else that pertains to your interest)

Who can join?

We aim to help newer players but we don't always have a lot of time to do so for the very basics, therefore we recommend completing the tutorial and getting some basic missions/game learning and experience out of the way first. Other than this, you do not need to be an extremely skilled pilot, we can certainly help you on your way to being one though!

You will need to auth on Nexus SeAT and join our Discord then link their discord on the SeAT discord connector section, this will override the reaction roles server bot (for non eve things) and grant them the necessary roles. 

Please see the Voice and Discord section below for more information.

What can they do?

Any form of PvE in the home hole (not preferred), C3 static (preferred) and C5-6 connections (advanced only), providing it complies with the restrictions listed at the bottom of this document.    

Sleeper combat sites/blue loot farming

Salvaging behind themselves/other Blue loot runners

Data/Relic sites(high abundance in wh space, especially C3s), including sleeper caches

These come in nullsec versions for hacking and wormhole versions for ratting

Gas mining (all/any sites, including instrumental/Vital core reservoirs)

PI (our wh like any other, has good PI capabilities)

Shattered WH mining (beware of hole closures/mass, if you have not done this before, speak to an experienced member or Nyx first), ShatteredWHs have max +15% variance of ore/ice in large quantities but are dangerous places.

Where can they do it?

Home system/connection from the hole, Non-hostile/active holes

When can they do it?

Any time although we recommend only EU/US timezone.

Why do it?

Nullsec ratting has been heavily nerfed by CCP over the past year or two. Since the ESS/DBS changes in particular, subcaps and caps alike have lost a lot of income and are a lot more vulnerable to roaming gangs. PvE ships also take longer to return their investment, particularly with increased ore costs.

Wormholes have a much higher potential income, with a more controllable risk. While you can’t afk-rat in the same way by watching local, you can roll connections and keep an eye on d-scan. The ships cost a similar amount to nullsec pve ships, but take far less time to return their investment. You will still sometimes die, but by following guidance you should make far more isk than in nullsec for a small amount more work. Wormholes are also great for co-operative PvE, as you can easily pair up with someone else to make scanning + rolling much faster, and run some sites together that you couldn't do alone.


(return on investment)

These two basic fits give an idea of the return of running C3 combat sites. Isk/hr will depend on skills and practice in running them. Praxis can only run the combat anomalies, multiple RR domis can run combat/data relic sites as well for increased rewards.


Uses Rapid Heavies and Sentries [Curators] (DO NOT use Heavy drones, or do and find out the hard way why we listen to Nyx when he says things like this)

Cost: 200-300m

DPS: 1000 

Isk-Hour: 150-250 

Dominixes (x2/3):

Uses Heavies/sentries and RR

Cost: 400m (x2/3)

DPS: 780 (x2/3)

Isk-Hour: 250-400 (using 2, doing relic/data)

C5/C6 fleets:

These fleets tend to have a more complex payout structure, due to various roles and skill levels. UNTNC fleets will e.g. reward someone for having an alt keep eyes on wormhole connections. If you’re running your own fleets, please talk to an experienced FC beforehand. Blue loot from this will still go through Nexus buyback.

For this, people are paid for time on field+ bonuses for extra ships/reductions for t1 gun Leshaks and small added bonuses for extra roles (eyes/loot truck/etc.) 

Leshak Comps:

The isk/hour very much depends on how many alts/characters are used to run this. 

It is more fun when doing it as a group.  When I and coffee go in, we usually average 14-18 minutes per site, each site is 450-550m (c5)  650-750m (c6) on average, inc drifter/data/relic. It depends on breaks/warp ins and we are less efficient because the two of us are multi-boxing many things. On average we pull out 3-8b in a sitting between the two of us.

WR Fleets:

We have run many of these as we used to live in a C5 Wolf Rayet, we don’t get them so much anymore, but it is worth having a Hecate ready as it will more than pay for itself in one sitting. 

On average, we would run for 1-2hours, each pilot would get on average 500m. It’s again also quite a fun group activity.  

Set up

Wormholes do require a certain amount of setup before PvE. This can be done cooperatively to speed it up, such as multiple people scanning and rolling together. It takes some time to set up/do the PvE, especially for c5/c6, this requires people to work together to do it optimally. For C3s, there is less set up required, however, we always recommend rolling the holes connecting to the C3 to make it much safer, those that have not headed this advice are the ones that die, it’s always worth doing and you will still make more than you would in Nullsec including the time setting up/rolling/scanning. 

We have guides on how to roll and “one-shot” roll tips, often when Nyx or Coffee is on, they are nice enough to set up the C3 for others to use as we have all the ships/knowledge on how to scan roll extremely efficiently and very fast so you can literally login and use the hole we have prepared!


Wormholes have both nullsec and wormhole data/relic sites. Any site named “Ruined…” or “Central…” are nullsec sites and are safe to run in an exploration frigate, and give the same rewards that they would in nullsec. Anything named “Forgotten” or “Unsecured” will spawn drifter NPCs that will kill a frigate, and the cans are not worth hacking anyway - these are essentially more difficult (but more lucrative) versions of the combat sites, and should be tackled only in appropriate ratting ships.


PI in wormholes is as good as it is possible to be, due to the -1.0 security status. You can also manage most of it remotely, so you can make isk even if you’re away from the wormhole for a few days. 


We have an extensive list of guides/knowledge made by ourselves and other members of the wh community, not to mention a lot of knowledge/tips and tricks. Some that you won’t find online, we have searched out the best ways to do certain things and are always trying to improve them and welcome fresh ideas. You know you are doing it right when you read online posts of how to do things and you know your ways are more efficient! 

How can they do it?

Instead of direct isk payouts, wormhole drifter NPCs drop fixed amounts of loot, known as “blue loot”. This loot is sold to NPC buy orders at certain stations for a fixed price, therefore fixing its value exactly. However, in order to tax this to maintain structures, all blue loot from UNTNC-based wormhole activities must be sold as detailed below, and you must not take it to sell yourself on pain of being removed from this group. 


C3 PvE is lucrative, consistent to find due to the C3 static, and Praxis/Dominixes are very cheap.

Solo C3: 

For solo single-character use, a Praxis is the recommended method and very cheap. With two or more characters, we recommend domis as they are the cheaper option and are very efficient or for more advanced use leshaks that are more efficient but a lot more expensive.

Advanced solo can be done with blingy Leshak or Rattlesnakes etc. but this starts to defeat the point of cheap and fast/high ROI

Group C3:

This can be less efficient but you can group up with others to do multiple dominixes


This depends on a certain amount of luck/dedication in rolling to get a good connection, but if there is a convenient connection it can be incredibly lucrative. There are three fleet comps which can be run - these should all be run in groups unless you’re experienced and capable of fielding and multiboxing 6+ characters. These run like actual fleets, using watchlists and broadcasting for reps.  

RR chain Leshaks+Nestor:

Minimum 4 Triple Rep/Smartbomb Leshaks + Full rep bling Nestor + Drek antifrig/links + webs (recommend Bhaalgorn) this is scalable

RR SB Leshak+Nestors:

(this is the most efficient BS comp)

Minimum 3 Smartbomb Leshaks + 2 rep +dual cap xfer Nestor + Drek antifrig/links + webs (recommend Bhaalgorn), this is scalable 

Wolf-Rayet Fleet:

Minimum 3 Guardians (upped from 2 because of drifter aggro changes) + Skirm links (recommend Draugur, must fit evasive/rapid deployment charges, preferably with mindlink) + Newbro punisher<<Retribution<<<Confessor<<<<Hecate (kikimoras are no longer viable due to drifter aggro changes :(

Gas sites

Wormhole gas sites can be a very lucrative form of making isk in a very cheap ship and with very low skills. This depends on the site, making between 15 and 100m per venture per hour. However, all gas sites will spawn NPCs after approximately 20 minutes that will kill a venture (Ordinary perimeter has sentry towers immediately instead). You can either “ninja” huff as much as you can in 20 minutes, or you can get in an appropriate PvE ship(s) for the sight to kill the rats to get the rest of the gas. If you warp to a gas site uncloaked or kill the NPCs, you should update the bookmark appropriately to indicate this.

Getting in and out of the hole

The only access to wormholes is to use wormhole connections - you cannot jump clone or death clone into a wormhole. You can still swap clones in a clone bay if you need to use implants.

Our wormhole has a high sec static connection, meaning that it will always have a wormhole directly into high sec.  You will leave ships in the hole and use interceptors or travel atrons to move through high sec to the wormhole.

There are two methods of quickly getting to highsec in order to use the static connection. Either you can set a jumpclone in a central highsec station (such as Jita or Amarr) and jump to that; or you can set your medical clone to your highsec starter station and deathclone.


We use a mapping tool called Siggy to map wormholes and keep track of what is where 

The documentation for it can be found here but we can help people to understand it as once you understand it, it is very easy and makes travel in, out and around wormholes much easier.

Suggested Skills

Good scanning skills (such as for a T2 exploration frigate) are recommended on at least one character, all characters should have at least moderate skills in case they get rolled out.

Sentry/Heavy drone skills for praxis/domi ratting

Heavy missile skills for praxis

Triglavian battleship/large gun skills for leshak-based PvE (Advanced)

Informorph Psychology/Synchronising for more jump clones and more frequent usage, especially if you are using implants



All blue loot is sold by the corp, allowing it to be taxed the same as other pve activites.

Sleeper caches

Try to find someone online/about that can do it with you to get all 4 cans instead of 2, if there isn’t anyone willing/nearby, don’t worry. Split the loot 50/50.

Voice and discord

In order to participate in this, it will be necessary to register on UNTNC SeAT to gain access to the relevant discord channels. This small amount of admin shouldn’t put you off.

Most of our guides are in our pinned messages in discord and all important info is in there as well as any info/announcements.

Since wormholes have no local, the only ingame coordination is via fleet chat. This makes it much more important to be on voice comms, even if you’re doing solo activities such as PI. An unexpected ship on d-scan may cause others to abort what they’re doing unnecessarily, so it is generally polite to say “hecate me” or similar when undocking. This is doubly important if it’s a combat ship, as (for example) an unexpected sabre on dscan would cause instant abortion of all PvE activities and possible loss of one of the ships left behind that could be tackled by an NPC. If you’re doing fleet PvE, voice comms are a necessity, as these fleets are comparable to nullsec fleets in needing reps, calling intel, etc.

Activity and defence

We are a RL first and very laid back corp, people come and go afk and back from us all the time so we do not expect any different from people joining us for PvE.

There are already people from various entities such as PH/Winterco/Wingspan/etc. that have alts that live with us in the wh, we do not expect anyone to be on our defence 24/7. 

However, if we are attacked for eviction, we would expect everyone to do what they can to assist as possible. There is a list of “good to have ships'' on our fittings that you can browse through if you want to have a response ship on standby for non-major incursions, we mostly use Brutixes or retributions when not in a kitchen sink/nano gang if we are not using our mainline doctrines like Dreks/Ikitursas etc. At the very worst, please have a Saviour Defence griffin - you never know when it might be you we’re saving! 

If you get tackled when PvEing, remain calm, accept you are going to die, remember that the ship is cheap and you’ve probably made it back 10x already or you will, with any luck if you remain calm and composed and tell us that you are tackle by a “shiptype” in “wormhole last three digits of J-tag” and immediately link who is tackling/attacking you in fleet chat if standing is up Nexus Standing or Nexus chat you might even get saved, it’s happened before but one should assume they are going to die :) 
If you are ratting, make sure you have your mobile depot dropped at the start of the site, and you can deposit blue loot into it and at least you don’t lose it and can probably use it to pay for a new ship, a lot of people forget this!


No mining - except shattered wormholes (see What can they do) Wormhole ore is not great, and barges etc are very easy targets.

Do not draw attention to the home hole. This means don't be easy content, avoid high value losses, use common sense/listen to advice and guides)

Be courteous about putting mass through holes when others are active. Always make sure you notify people in discord and give people a few minutes to respond, and check the connections channel to see if anyone has requested it stay open. The exception is that you are encouraged to actively roll potentially problematic/hostile/unwanted holes.

Currently reactions/industry are restricted to Nexus corporation members only

ABSOLUTELY no structures of your own.There is zero tolerance on this, any structures anchored will be killed without warning. If you want to put up a structure for something specific, speak with your diplo/CEO who can speak with us about it first.


Anyone found to be breaking the rules will be warned and if they fail to heed the warning, they will no longer be welcome and therefore removed from the corporation and possibly from discord/our services. If something severe happens, the warning may be skipped and the person in question may be removed without it.

People that can make this call:

(discord IDs linked below)

coffee#4333 (love doctor)

If we are unreachable, ask:


Contact Us

At this time we only accept general inquiries and contact on discord